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October 12, 2011

Blakes LLP – Ottawa/Humber Rooms

Program Details

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Morning Agenda

8:30 a.m. Check-in, coffee and continental breakfast
8:55 a.m. Welcome and Introductions
9:00 a.m. Spotting Digital Winners: A Simplified Approach to Identifying Effective Digital Business Models
  INSTRUCTOR: Kate Hanley

Kate Hanley, President of Digital Theory Media Consulting

Digital Economy strategist Kate Hanley shares leading-edge insights on assessing business models in the digital environment, including:

  • A new approach to extracting value from the digital media value chain
  • Key attributes of successful digital business models
  • An overview of the world’s most successful business models and selected case studies
  • An exercise: Assess your current digital business models
10:00 a.m. Coffee Break
10:15 a.m. Creation out of Destruction: Re-Inventing Canadian Content Regulation in the Digital Era
  INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Sunny Handa

Dr. Sunny Handa, Blakes LLP

Dr. Sunny Handa, Canada’s leading media, communications and technology lawyer, reviews the revolutionary digital developments rocking the Canadian regulatory environment, including:

  • Key regulatory schemes impacting digital business opportunities
  • How U.S. disruptors like Google, Amazon and Netflix established thriving businesses in Canada, despite substantial cultural protections
  • Regulatory challenges and changes on the horizon
11:15 a.m. Case Study: The Huffington Post – Aggregation, Curation and the Re-Invention of the News Business
  INSTRUCTOR: Brad Cressman

Brad Cressman, Head of Content, AOL Canada

While traditional newspapers struggle to replace legacy revenues with sufficient digital income, internet start-up The Huffington Post has become an international phenomenon, offering over 30 different verticals. Brad Cressman, Head of Content, AOL Canada, reveals the business strategies that have powered The Huffington Post’s success, including:

  • A revolutionary approach to news provision
  • Their ‘curation’ business model, based on aggregating and monetizing the world of online content
  • The use of social distribution as an audience building strategy
  • Key strategies for monetizing advertising partners

Afternoon Agenda

12:00 p.m. Luncheon and Special Presentation: Business Model Close-Up: Integrated Brand Partnerships
  INSTRUCTOR: Paul Kontonis

Paul Kontonis, VP Group Director Branded Content, Digitas (USA)

U.S. digital branded entertainment pioneer Paul Kontonis explores the latest trends and strategies for high-impact digital brand integrations, including:

  • What brands want online and strategies for building engaging partnerships
  • The latest trends in co-created properties, sponsorships and brands as publishers
  • Valuing a brand partnership
  • An in-depth look at a current Digitas brand-integration success story
1:00 p.m. Group Exercise with Paul Kontonis Building a Next Generation Brand Integrated Property
1:30 p.m. Business Model Close-Up: Syndication and Premium Audience Networks — Monetizing Other People’s Audiences
  INSTRUCTOR: Kate Hanley

Kate Hanley, President of Digital Theory Media Consulting

Building a substantial website audience remains a central revenue challenge in the hyper-fragmented digital environment. Kate Hanley shows participants how to build scale and monetize audiences across multiple online networks. Strategies include:

  • Leveraging your existing ad-sales capacity and growing revenues through a premium audience network
  • Online-syndication strategies for moving and monetizing your properties beyond the home-site
  • An overview of successful case studies around the world
  • An exercise: Build your audience network strategy
2:20 p.m. Business Model Close-Up: The Economics of Mobile Apps
  INSTRUCTOR: Kunal Gupta

Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar Mobile

With 1,200+ apps launched and over 9 million subscribers, Polar Mobile is a world leader in the exploding world of mobile apps. CEO Kunal Gupta shares his expertise on the business models behind the phenomenon, including:

  • Today’s most effective business models for mobile apps
  • Keys to audience acquisition and retention
  • Examples of successful executions for mobile
  • An exercise: Assess your mobile app business model
3:10 p.m. Group Brainstorm: My biggest business model challenge
3:10 p.m. Coffee Break
3:50 p.m. Financial Modeling for Digital Ventures
INSTRUCTOR: Alex Bellamy

Alex Bellamy, Partner, KPMG; Jennifer Roedding, Advisory Partner, KPMG and Heather McClure, Consultant

Financial experts Alex Bellamy, Jennifer Roedding and Heather McClure take participants on a high-level interactive tour of financial modeling for new digital ventures including:

  • The importance of defining your property's value proposition and key customers
  • The building blocks of profitability and their impact on revenue strategies
  • Pricing and sales forecasting
  • Digital costs and resource considerations
  • Tips for building a realistic digital financial scenario
  • An opportunity to test your own digital revenue assumptions
4:45 p.m. Create Your Personal Digital Action Plan
5:10 p.m. Wrap-up

Evening Agenda

5:30 p.m. Reception begins 
6:15 p.m. Welcome and Introductions

Gen Y Grows Up: The Media Habits of Today’s Most Influential Consumers


Key Note Speaker: Shari ClearyA Keynote Address by Shari Cleary, Vice President of Digital Research, Entertainment and Games, MTV Networks USA

Gen Y has come of age, and getting to know this emerging group of leadingedge media consumers and tastemakers is key to your organization’s success. MTV Networks USA’s Shari Cleary shares the results of MTV’s groundbreaking research on the first generation to grow up in the digital environment.

8:00 p.m. Reception ends